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Friday, 18 March 2011

BBC Bush House 2008 Concert with Dick Gaughan,Martin Simpson (RE-POST)

Over two years since this was posted on another blog
the resource has become fragmented over time
the artwork for a cover was posted HERE back
in 2008, so time to re-establish the complete set.


part 1 of 12 
part 2 of 12 
part 3 of 12
part 4 of 12
part 5 of 12
part 6 of 12
part 7 of 12
part 8 of 12
part 9 of 12
part 10 of 12
part 11 of 12
part 12 of 12

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This is one of the classic Celtic Folk concerts of the period
it was presented as part of a travelogue on the 
appearances and travels of the host artist.

Dick Gaughan: singer, guitarist, song writer.
(champion, "tell it like it REALLY is" protest singer) 

Martin Simpson: Folk and Blues guitarist.
(variety of styles, American blues, Old Time, Folk) 

Michael McGoldrick: Flute, Low Whistle.
(Ex Flook, Lunasa, Capercaille, etc)

Mary McMaster: Harp, Vocals.
(formed the "Poozies")

This is a LARGE file, so I have kept the part sizes
down to 100Mb to help those with download limits.


Reinhard Zierke said...

One small correction: It's Mary Macmaster with two "a"s and a lowercase "m".

Gonzo said...

Ah, but did you like the music Reinhard? I guess even the great BEEB got it wrong then...

trebor said...

This looks great.Any Chance of a reseed

Gonzo said...

Re-send... Rather large collection of files, I do not have that much space on my drop-box account, however I will attempt one more upload to rapid share, see how long it stays there THIS TIME